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Oban Lifesaving Club was inaugurated in the 1970's with the purpose, not only to teach swimming, but to give instruction on lifesaving techniques and water safety. This was recognised as necessary in a seaside town. 


Pupils become members at the age of 5 and progress from the small pool, where they first learn to swim, progressing from the small pool to Rookie Lifesaving as they become more proficient. As they progress they can attain badges for distance swimming and other disciplines. Then they can opt to achieve a Bronze Medal for lifesaving efficiency, generally between ages 14 and 18. 


All the teachers are voluntary and initially have to pass a swimming course at level 1 and if they choose, at level 2. These courses are the most involved in any sport, taking in, teaching most strokes, organising class lessons and achievement of Disclosure Scotland status. We are always short of teachers and would welcome anyone volunteering to assist at the poolside for a period until they sit the level 1 course. Suprisingly, a volunteer does not have to be able to swim to teach.





Tuesdays during school term

5.00pm to 8.00pm (Check timetable)

Each class is 30 minutes

Please be pool-ready on time!




£1.50 per week

The block for the term is payable in the first 2 weeks at the door


Additionally, the £20 membership fees are split into 2 payments

£10 - Beginning Term 2

£10 - Beginning Term 4 


Please note:  

Long hair is to be tied back or wear a swim cap (goggles optional)

Boys to wear Jammers or swim shorts (not the loose kind)

PLEASE use lockers provided - any stray items will be removed!

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